Thursday, September 11, 2014

Ted Cruz - Winning Hearts & Minds

So Ted Cruz addressed a group of Arab Christians. How did that go?

The Texas senator began his speech discussing the need to defend Christians in the Middle East from terrorism. However, he quickly switched gears and essentially lectured Arab Christians to accept and embrace Israel and that Christians and Jews in the region need to form an alliance.
At that point, jeers started emanating from the crowd. Sensing the crowd was turning on him, Cruz claimed that those booing him were anti-Semitic.
He eventually had to leave the stage, with his sack of Talevangical bullshit still half-full. Poor Ted, how was he to know that the Christians in IDoC wouldn't keep a lid on their anti-Semitism?

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DavidLJ said...

I don't think you're fair to say Cruz was right in calling the jeerers anti-Semitic. As an Orthodox Jew I always sit at the Islamic table when I'm in jail, and get along just fine.

I think they were insulted that Cruz would use his appearance with them as an occasion to polish his nutso Likud credentials, and were rightly annoyed at the contempt and his cynicism.

Having about the right amount of the second, they returned the first.

Seems to me.


(But the rest of your blog is generally fine.)