Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Ebola outbreak is bad but ...

It is in Liberia in Sierra Leone. Those are places that aren't America, so it is kind of a bummer if you're an American who wants to projectile shart all over the place. I mean, yeah there's the guy in Dallas, but the two in D.C./MD didn't pan out.  So sad.

But fear not bacon-streakers! Naomi Wolf has got you covered.

Picture this: U.S. soldiers go to the affected region, not - as the DoD claims - to build field hospitals to you know, keep more people from dying horrible deaths, but so they can be infected with the disease, bring it back to the United States and create a massive outbreak that will allow Dictator Obama to declare martial law.

I am not making this shit up, if I could make this shit up, I'd hate myself:
And…TV news in US reporting Department of Defense is sending three thousand troops to Liberia..troops with no medical construct and run field hospitals for Ebola….then they will be quarantined for 21 days…and eventually come home. A crazy idea as Liberia and Sierra Leone already have a dense infrastructure if medical aid organizations on the ground…many Western ones…that already have doctors nurses and well tested medical education networks that were activated to educate people about AIDs. I was in Freetown and witnessed this. What they don’t have is enough doctors or supplies. They need the CDC not the Pentagon. So why send soldiers with no medical background? A. Militarized Africa has long been on the agenda but B. Three thousand Ebola-exposed American troops creates a direct vector into the US and whatever happens a narrative can exist to justify military condoning of US populations…quarantining Americans…emergency measures to limit travel…crisis best left to military not civil authorities. People in Liberia and Sierra Leone know perfectly well how to build more buildings for more beds..these are modern societies…they just need money. There is no practical reason to put our soldiers in the eye if ebola. That is why I dont like this narrative. ..
Perfect isn't it? Down to the sometimes laughable typos. References to the countries' health infrastructures would be funny ... Well not really, because what the fuck? The disease is still spreading, medical professionals are fleeing for their fucking lives. But if we just drop some money on the problem, it will be OK. Why? Because the countries have systems in place to deal with AIDS, which is a disease too, so why all the fuss, huh? 

She even manages to state that the soldiers will be quarantined and then ignore the fact that they'll be quarantined. What does she think they'll do; Smuggle a freezer bag of shit in their socks?

I'm not sure how the same military that will be the Petri dish for the Cooties of Doom will be able to enforce martial law. "Stop or I'll ... aaargh [thud]!"

Maybe that's what this incredibly gross person wants us to think. Infected soldiers will be ordered to take up station around cities and on roads, and then they'll die. Or maybe she doesn't want anyone to think at all. There's an outside chance she likes being told she's full of shit, but people like this tend to take themselves way too seriously.


M. Bouffant said...

No question the personnel assembling & staffing the field hospitals are all, I dunno, helicopter pilots or were hand-picked from the Pentagon motor pool.

But the best part is the random conspiracy theory:
whatever happens a narrative can exist to justify military cordoning of US populations
"Hey, if we can destroy America like this, cool, if not, eh, whatever ..."

(Proving Obummer to be both a vicious America-hater & shiftless & incompetent. Win-win!)

And just read the link. Wow. Beyond the "far-left" of any rightie's fervent imagination & back again. Begin countdown to her first appearance w/ Alex Jones to discuss Ebola chemtrails.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

My brother is going to Liberia next week. These fear-mongers can get bent.

As "Tigris" commented at Alicublog, more Americans have been killed by toddlers with guns than by Ebola.