Friday, September 5, 2014

Just this in - Gov. High Colonic STILL guilty af

An interesting opinion piece on McDonnell's family values.

The legal tack they chose was for Bob to air the marriage’s dirty laundry on the witness stand – describing in lurid detail how greedy, reckless and verbally abusive she could be, even suggesting she was in love with another man – and to invite others to do so as well.
McDonnell’s 1989 master’s thesis, written when he was 34, had called on government to enact reactionary policies to shore up traditional Christian family values – among its targets were feminists, working women, “cohabitors, homosexuals [and] fornicators.”
Trashing his own wife’s reputation turned out to be futile. Jurors were able to observe that the couple continued to live under the same roof; planned a daughter’s wedding partly funded by Williams; took vacations on Williams’s property; and enjoyed Williams’s money in various other ways, often together.
More proof there's no crime so seedy that a neo-conservative crudbucket can't make it worse.

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