Saturday, January 17, 2015

So let's talk about the accelerated maturation of girls

You've probably heard about the "modern day Bonnie & Clyde teen sweetheart couple" that has so far not killed anyone. Not only is the story a fine example of hyperbole (BONNIENCLYDEDEADBURNTBODIES), but it is an excellent example of how willing society is to accelerate the maturity of girls, particularly when they aren't the right sort of girl.

These two "teen sweethearts" are actually an 18 year old young man and and a 13 year old girl.

Not so sweet. But the linked story (FOX) goes a long way to explain why various news outlets are not covering this as a child exploitation case: Tammy Martin, Dalton Hayes' mother says the girl told them she was 19 and by the time he found out she wasn't, he was in love.

OK, first of all - LOL.

Second, please shut up. "She told me she was old enough" is not a defense against charges of statutory rape. Legislators thought of that one. But we only have Martin's word for it. Which, so far as reporting the interview with Martin is fine.

Where it is not fine is at the point some pervert decided to portray this not as a possible kidnapping complete with the suspect behaving dangerously and please to rescue the girl he has with him, but as two sweethearts (aww) who are both behaving dangerously. The sheriff calls Hayes a kid and refers to her as if she bears equal responsibility.

But! We're told that the girl spent the night at Hayes' house the night before. And also she smoked cigarettes. Plus the guy's mom said she was passing herself off as 19, so she's a "Bad Girl" who tricked Hayes into dating her. Any lingering concerns that she's being sexually exploited can get tossed out of the window because she's probably not a virgin anyway.

This sort of maturation of girls isn't uncommon, although it is far more frequently done to minorities. When it is done to boys, you get kids being tried as adults when their white peers go through the juvenile justice system. Or they're killed and then blamed for their deaths.

When it is done to girls, you bet is used to justify sexual exploitation, complete with subsequent victim blaming when they are raped and/or become pregnant.

But this girl is to all appearances, from the wrong end of the economic scale, which can be as great a sin as being from the wrong end of the Fitzpatrick scale. And she did spend the night with her boyfriend. And she's a female and we know they're all worthless anyways. So naturally people have accepted the boyfriend/girlfriend it means they don't have to give a shit about her.

All that remains to be seen is when they're caught, will he blame her for his actions?