Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Mayhem, Mayfield & More

The story thus far.

Campaign manager allegedly advises a blogger on how to get into a nursing home so he can take a picture of the opponent's wife, who is suffering from Alzheimer's. The blogger posts her picture on his website because this shows the opposition ... I'm not sure what, but I'm not a Republican. Blogger is arrested and charged with exploiting a vulnerable person. Campaign manager is arrested and charged with conspiracy. He kills himself and then:
Mark Mayfield's family plans to sue or bring charges against the city of Madison, its police department or "anyone responsible" after Mayfield's apparent suicide Friday.
Apparently his brother, also an attorney, is the one galloping around yelling "We'll see you in court!" And while I assume they won't sue the guy who pulled the trigger, it wouldn't surprise me, because these people appear to be confused.
Mayfield's relatives, already angered over his arrest in May in the U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran photo scandal, say Madison police were trespassing when they showed up at his home in Ridgeland after he apparently shot himself.
As I so often say when reading about the antics of Republicans "Do what?"

"911, what is your emergency?"
"Oh God, my husband ... I heard a gun shot and ... he's dead!"
"OK ma'am, stay calm. We're sending police -"
"Oh don't do that. I just wanted to tell you he's dead."
"Yes, we'll take it from here. Do you know a good cleaning service?"

That's probably not what happened. Probably. But a lot of people are making straw out of the fact the police showed up after he shot himself.

Apparently the normal process in Mississippi after someone dies from high velocity lead poisoning is no one asks any questions. And here I was thinking that was only the case if a black person was the victim!

There's also a lot of "He was treated like a common criminal!" etc., because how dare the police department arrest a man who is wanted on criminal charges?

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