Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Republicans try stealing the ball after the game is over

Several people have pointed out that today's ruling on the ACA has a glass hammer life expectancy.

I've been trying to imagine how they'll spin this into a positive for people have been to the doctor for the first time in decades or the hospital execs. who have already seen the financial benefits of the ACA. "Good news people! The long nightmare of physical and mental prosperity has been averted!"

Something like that.

I imagine when members of The Base complain because they lost their insurance and not just the 'orrible blahs, the ever-thoughtful GOP will tell them to spit out the government lotos blossom and yank on them bootstraps until their blood pressure or blood sugar reaches the proper level. Cancer patients - Pray.

Or maybe they'll finally produce that Conservative Alternative to Obamacare they've been promising. Ha ha ha! I made a funny. 

In the meantime, real people, even people that Republicans would acknowledge as real, will have to deal with the confusion this ruling generates. I'm sure that as the negative responses reach a certain depth, the GOP will gradually discover that this is all Obama's fault.

I'm also curious where this leaves Orange Boner's lawsuit. I guess he'll have to find something else to impress the faithful before the next election.


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