Sunday, November 1, 2015

What does "Make America great again" mean to Trump supporters?

The answer will shock you!
[Jane] Cimbal, a loyal Republican, wants people to think about how to curb illegal immigration and protect Second Amendment gun ownership rights, but she’s mainly drawn to Trump because she thinks his plain talk can get things done. Her goal is to restore a time “when there wasn’t as much animosity toward each other, when everything wasn’t about race and people just got along.”
Oh is that all? That's a relief. For a second I thought she might be one of those white people who still resent the fact that non-whites are allowed to do things like express opinions on any topic at all, including the way they've been treated by whites. And you know, exist. But she just wants us to get along. Phew! Who's next?
“Mitt Romney was more my kind of guy: practical, a nice guy."
Ah ha ha ha ha ha! Sorry, I didn't meant to interrupt you, sir. Please continue. [snerk]
"But you know, people don’t like a nice guy. They like this guy because he’s right about us losing our country. I really don’t think we should be letting kids go into whichever bathroom they want to in school. The Democrats are really reaching too far on the social issues. And there’s no retirement anymore, no pensions.”
Now I know what you're thinking, and you're wrong. That was Joe McCoy who is the ripe old age of 31. McCoy also thinks the last time America was great was when Reagan was in office, because that's "when people played by the rules."

McCoy wants a president who will soothe his anxieties about (cover your dog's ears) "social issues" and quell the outbreak of unisex toilets in the workplace schools (which you don't know about because the LMSM hushes it up).

And while he is worried about the lack of retirement and pensions, he also likes Rmoney, which combined with his beliefs about the Reagan era, suggests a very poor eye for detail and crushing levels of ignorance.

Christ, these people. And finally:
[Georgetown University professor Robert] Lieber sees Trump’s slogan as a symbol of his ability to slice through standard political rhetoric: “His discourse is deliberately provocative, but he’s refreshing to a lot of people because he talks about reality with the bark off, and people are sick to death of the language of political correctness.”
Included because you were expecting someone to argle about political correctness, and I hate to disappoint.

In short, Trump supporters look to Trump to be mean to people they don't like. No surprises there,  that is what the Republican do. But why they picked him out of the legions of mother stabbing, father rapists who are also running for the Republican nomination seems to be based on their disappointment with the GOP and the fact that they view this millionaire T.V. personality with the yoooge ego, as the outsider.

That's bullshit. Again and again people refer to the way he talks. It's plain, it's not nice, it's deliberately provocative. What they want, is a man who will call a spade a spade, IYKWIM&ITYD.

They want someone who will make up for the trauma of eight years of Obama being uppity in the White House. And Trump is just the guy to go after those p.c. race obsessed unisex bathroom pushers and tell them just what they think of them.

Whatever. Over to you, Mr. Wilder.


M. Bouffant said...

"It's on his hat!"

The way they project the solutions to their odd & insincere fantasies & paranoias onto His Excellency is just so cute.

Kordo said...

If you start seeing a lot of readers coming from Facebook, I did that. Sorry. Too good not to share.