Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The second best thing to ever happen on the internet is happening on the internet, right now

The Snarks vs. The Jet Set (courtesy of L, G & M).

I for one am pleased to see some rich person's vanity project waste money on this sort of thing. As legal representation goes it is the equivalent of dumping hundred dollar bills in a sewage treatment plant and waving bye-bye. But I also believe that attorneys have some duty to tell their clients when what they want is stupid and/or not achievable by legal means.

I've thought about it and concluded there's no way a semi-conscious attorney would believe Preserve.Us had any sort of case against Gawker.

So the firm is either:

Laden with incompetents who don't know the law from their assholes (and believe me, there are plenty of practicing lawyers who don't), or

It is full of the kind of scum who give rise to lawyer jokes. "Sure writing this letter makes us look like morons or like a bunch of lying bullies. And yeah the most likely out come is it will create more negative publicity for the client. But who cares? We've got bills to pay and puppies to abuse!"

p.s. Go Gawker!

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Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

"Allure of Antebellum"?

What next? "SSeductive: Brown Shirts a Fall Must-Have"?