Saturday, August 23, 2014


One of the downsides of non-stop election coverage is we never get a break from the GOP's latest strategy to trick people who aren't SWCM into voting for candidates who hate them.

This has proved to be a challenge over the years and now the average Republican politician has this little quirk that involves being a thermonuclear bigot and shitting on the SWCM who aren't rich and then wondering why he needed street-by-street gerrymandering in order to win elections.

It are a mystery, as everyone's favorite troll once said.

And even as they work to disenfranchise non-SWCM, they also ponder ways to make sure that those few who do make past all the pickets, the razor wire, the attack dogs, the land mines and the leopard, vote (R) before the nerve gas kicks in.

But today, thanks to Hullabaloo, I realized something. The GOP is exactly as gross as the self-styled pick up artist who knows what the laydeez like (and if she doesn't like it she's not a lady, she's a ball-busting dyke!!)

 Here's rebRAND PAUL®, telling his fellow GOPUAs how to get minority voters to give it up:
"Until you show that you care about them and that you want to do something about them, you're not going to win," he told an audience in Iowa two weeks ago. "So if we want to win, we're going to have to change."
Um. Yeah. Telling people you're going to do something about them is going to make them nervous. Or more nervous since we're talking about a guy who appears to be wearing a bloody possum on his head.

But Paul II does understand what it means to be a Republican Lothario. Say whatever it takes, so you can score. And he's equally as oblivious to the fact that he couldn't be more obvious if he was carrying a sign that read "I will screw you over and laugh."

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